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Join DJ Michael T. Swagger every Wednesday starting at 7:30pm

at Patsy's Pub (17419 Carey Road, Westfield) for a fun night of Trivia!


Trivia League Info
  • 7 Rounds - 10 Questions each round.

  • Correct answers are worth 2 points each, unless otherwise noted.

  • Always a Picture Round & Audio Round.

  • Pick one category to earn DOUBLE POINTS!

  • Final Round - Wager up to 20 points on one question.

  • Weekly Winners:

1st Place - $30 Gift Card or Cash

2nd Place - $20 Gift Card or Cash

3rd Place - $10 Gift Card or Cash


  • The Quizmaster has final say on all rule interpretations and disputes.

  • No outside help of any kind, including, but not limited to:

    • Using your phone to look up answers;

    • Other teams or non-player patrons assisting with answers;

    • Your team can be penalized or disqualified for cheating, or for giving the appearance of cheating.

  • In the event of a tie, a tie-breaker question will decide the winner. In the unlikely event that the tied teams each answer the question correctly (or closest in some cases), the winner shall be the team which hands the correct answer to the Quizmaster the quickest

  • NEW: The last place team picks one category out of two for the next week.



  • A season consists of approximately 9 - 12 weeks of Trivia Thursdays/4 seasons in a year.

  • Winter 2024* (Wednesdays, January 10 – March 13, 2024)

  • ***Dates subject to change due to weather or other unexpected events*.

  • Participating teams pay $5 each week they are there, which is placed into a winner’s pot and held until the end of the season.

  • Team points are calculated each week based upon our scoring system (see below). Winnings will be divided amongst the Top Three teams based on our scoring system (1st - 50%, 2nd - 30%, 3rd - 20%)

How the scoring system works:
  • Our scoring format utilizes a 10-8-6-4-2 sliding scale scoring system. Out of the participating league teams, ten points are awarded for the night to the league team that finishes in first place, eight points for second place, six points for third place, four points for fourth place, two points for fifth place, and all other league teams will receive one point.

  • Teams who don't show up or are unable to pay will be given zero points for the week.

  • Points are accumulated week by week and standings are updated each week. The more weeks you play, the more points you earn!

  • Winnings will be divided amongst the Top Three teams based on our scoring system:  1st  - 50%, 2nd - 30%, 3rd - 20% (payouts that include cents will be adjusted so we don't have to deal with coins).

Can my team MISS A FEW WEEKS?
  • YES!!! Our league system is designed to make it possible for a team to miss a week or two during the season & still compete for a cash prize.

Current League Scores


Scores are updated by 12p Noon the day after Trivia Night.

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