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Michael Long (aka Michael T. Swagger)

Years & Role: 10+, Senior DJ

Loves: Cooking / Good hugs

Loathes: Small talk / Taking things too seriously

Fave music: Liz Phair, blink-182, Sheppard,

Taylor Swift & 90s one-hit wonders

Fave quote: “Laugh with me or laugh at me. As long as you’re laughing.”

Super power: His vast knowledge of music styles and being comfortable on the microphone

Travis Leeman (aka DJThree)

Years & Role: 13+, Director of Production / DJ

Loves: Drumming / Family time

Loathes: Play-doh / Frogs

Fave music: blink-182 , punk rock, pop, alternative

Fave quote: “Don’t judge my journey”

Super power: Having the ability to read the room, adapt & engage any crowd in any environment

Mandi Mayer

Years & Role: 13+, Director of Marketing

Loves: Singing / Concerts

Loathes: Winter / Toe socks

Fave music: Punk/Rock/Pop

Fave quote: “Life has no remote - get up and change it yourself!”

Superpower: Excellent communication skills & a master multi-tasker!

Hello.  Meet Oor Company

Mandi and Travis here! The faces behind M.A.S Event Services since 2010.

We're not just a business, we're a family - raising our three children while pouring our passion into every event.

We believe you're not just getting a service - but gaining a partner dedicated to making your event unforgettable!

Meet our owners
Meet our DJ’s

Logan Murphy

Years & Role: 1+, DJ

Loves: Family / Live music

Loathes: Cold weather / Cornbread

Fave music: EDM, Hip-hip & newer Jazz/Funk

Fave quote: “If no one from the future comes to stop you from doing it, then how bad could it really be?”

Super power: Quick & eager learner

M.A.S Productions
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