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aka: DJ Three

Owner/DJ/KJ/MAS Productions

Travis has been a disc jockey since 2008. After cutting his teeth playing music and entertaining crowds at local bars, he founded M.A.S Productions on December 31, 2010.  The company has continued to grow ever since.

DJ Three believes that a good DJ must be able to feel what is working and what's not and balance that with what the crowd and client wants to hear. Having the ability to read the crowd, adapt and engage any crowd in any environment is key to a successful DJ and party. He enjoys orchestrating a wonderful time and becoming a part of the bride & groom's memories of their special day.


Travis wants you to know that it's your event and he is not there to please himself; he is there to please our clients. We do what we do to make our clients happy and give them exactly what they are looking for on their big day.


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*American Wedding Group"Top 50" DJs: 2013-2016

*American Wedding Group "Top 100" DJs: 2012

*Past Gigs include: The Tilted Kilt (Downtown Indianapolis & NW Indianapolis locations), 86th Street Pub, Sidelines, Red Onion, Nippers Bar & Grille, Britton Tavern, Eddy's, Jimmy B's, The Fox & Hound (Castleton & Carmel locations), Madison Avenue Pub, Blue Crew Sports Pub, The Beer Sellar, and both Murphy's Pubhouse (Fishers) and Crafthouse (Lawrence).

*Past Clients Include: Smiley (From The Smiley Morning Show), Dow Agro Sciences, Relay For Life, Humane Society for Hamilton County, INDY 500 PARTY TENT Sponsored by Patron

*Indy Icon Host: 2012 & 2013

Michael Long

aka: Michael T. Swagger

Nickname: Swagger or Swag

DJ/KJ/Trivia Host

Born and raised in New Orleans, LA area, Michael's hometown roots have helped shape who he is and how he DJ's weddings/events. With a vast knowledge of music styles and songs, a hot and confident Cajun attitude, and a laid-back personality, it’s no surprise that people call him “Swagger.”

"Swag" believes a good DJ must be able to adapt to whatever the situation might be. It could be something as simple as reading the crowd to see what type of music they are enjoying and playing the right songs to keep them dancing. Or it could be a little more complex as dealing with difficult guests or last minute schedule changes. Ultimately, he work hard to keep the crowd happy, help create special memories, and adjust as necessary to achieve those goals. He believes that knowledge of all music styles and being comfortable on the mic and in the spotlight are also great assets for any good DJ.


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*American Wedding Group"Top 3" DJs of Indianapolis: 2019, 2020

*American Wedding Group "Top 100" DJs: 2017-2018

*Past Gigs include: 86th Street Pub, Madison Avenue Pub, Nippers Bar & Grill, Tilted Kilt (Downtown Indianapolis), Whiskey Business, Murphy's Pubhouse, Carey Tavern, Carey on Main.

*Indy Icon Judge 2012-2013

*5 Years Experience as On-Air Radio DJ

*20+ Years of Experience in Musical and Community Theater

Mandi Mayer

Operations Manager

• Began with M.A.S Productions in 2010.

• Performing karaoke and musical theater for over 20 years.

• Loves to engage a crowd.

• Winner of Indy Icon 2011.

• All about stage presence!


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